martedì 12 gennaio 2016


The condominium is governed by the Italian Civil Code. The law 11 December 2012 n. 220 ("Changes to the regulation of condominium buildings"), entered into force on 18 June 2013, has reformed some aspects of the subject, incorporating much of the case law.
According to art. 1117 of Italian Civil Code, they are parts of the building, if the opposite is not entitled stairs, the lobby, the facades, the land on which the building stands, the main walls, etc .; and according to 'art. 1118  Italian Civil Code the condominium has a chance to give up the use of the common areas, such as heating and air conditioning, if its waiver not derive significant imbalances operating or steady cost for other residents. This communion is forced, that a landlord can not give up the right of such common shares to avoid payment of the expenses (art. 1118, paragraph 2, Civil Code).
The relationship between the property value of each owner and the value of the entire building is expressed in millisemi (which, for convenience, are shown in a tables of millesimi). The tables of millesimi are used for allocation of expenses, for the determination of the majority of composition of the meeting and the vote of the resolutions.

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